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Set2Meet is a highly customizable real-time collaboration solution with separate scheduling, virtual meeting, user management, analytics, and reporting modules. Competentum offers custom development of communication platforms built exclusively for your needs and embedded into your web application natively to communicate right into your websites or apps.

Technology Stack

Set2Meet solution’s back-end is built on NodeJS, FeathersJS, ExpressJS,and KnexJS. New plug-ins can use any tech stack since they communicate via service bus. You can choose WebRTC facilitation from the following options: peer-to-peer, open-source media server (Janus), OpenTok (TokBox CPaaS). Other media back-ends can be easily supported.

WebSocket is utilized to communicate room state changes. We can customize Set2Meet solution using our plug-in system and extension hooks. Web front-end is based on React or Redux and React Native is used as the mobile framework.

Scheduling is facilitated via the PostgreSQL database. Reporting and analytics use Cassandra database. SSO is generally built with KeyCloack, however, alternatively, Set2Meet can integrate with customer’s own SSO.

Set2Meet Tech Stack

Media Server Flexibility

Set2Meet supports both CPaaS vendors like TokBox and peer-to-peer communication options. If you are a big player looking to host all the infrastructure, we do support open-source media servers like Janus and can help to deploy the solution to your cloud.

Janus is an open-source software which can be close to feature parity with the most of commercial CPaaS vendors, depending on your use case. Yet it needs to deploy, maintain, and provision yourself. On the other hand, TokBox is a CPaaS. It can have more features out of the box, depending on your use case. It is within the SLAs group and does not require your maintenance and deployment. The downside is the monthly payments per a number of minutes or bandwidth used.

We also provide a WebRTC integration layer, using which you can switch between TokBox, Janus, and others at any time in the future, including incremental switch-over. This option makes you independent from your vendor, tailoring the decision to your needs.

Build Your Own Solution

Customization Architecture

Set2Meet modules are here as a dependency to build your platform. All source code is available in your project and can be modified. We can facilitate all your needs and ideas by developing custom plug-ins. Any existing modules can be updated or extended, giving you the flexibility.

Typical Customization Steps

  • Select desired feature modules
  • Configure the selected modules and application
  • Plug in desired external modules (loggers, etc.)
  • Develop and plug in new custom modules
  • Integrate with SSO
  • Customize UI/UX (can be embedded  or standalone)

Set2Meet customization

Set2Meet Architecture for Mobile

Set2Meet works on mobile browsers, but also provides the capability to release native applications for iOS and Android. React / Redux and React Native deliver the benefits of native performance while sharing front-end logic JavaScript code with the web application.

Why React Native?

  • iOS & Android in one code base
  • Native Interface and Performance
  • WebRTC compatible
  • Reliable (a lot of companies use it in production)
  • Flexible (native extensions supported)
  • Cost-efficient (code re-use with web version)

Set2Meet for mobile

Set2Meet for Your Advantage

Set2Meet is a perfect choice for online tutoring and coaching. It has proven itself for language practice and training, small group collaboration, business meetings and events, conferences, webinars, broadcasts, and even telemedicine. It is also brilliant for real-time assessments, interviews, peer presentation reviews, and technical support.

Flexible nature of the solution’s architecture gives you the tool to build the perfect solution for you communication needs. Please contact us to find out how Set2Meet can help your business to grow.