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Set2Meet is a highly customizable scheduling and virtual meeting solution for e-learning, corporate training, online assessments and group collaboration.
Competentum offers custom development of WebRTC-based platforms built exclusively for the needs of your organization and embedded into your web application seamlessly to communicate right into your websites or apps. We support both web and native (iOS and Android) platforms.

Set2Meet virtual room


  • Scheduling and Matching
  • Virtual meeting room (WebRTC)
  • Real-time interactions (chat, whiteboard, screen share, etc.)
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • User management (SSO)

Set2Meet Scheduling


Build your own solution: Set2Meet is designed to be customizable.

Improve your time to market: Ready scheduling and communication solutions for Web, iOS, Android; a lot of core features provided out of the box.

Get streamlined experience: Your users will not need to install and run any additional third-party plug-ins, Flash or native applications.

Regain control over what happens in the meeting room: Integrate your content into meetings, gather statistics and insights.

Get your infrastructure ready: Set2Meet supports both PaaS vendors like TokBox and peer-to-peer communication options, as well as open-source media servers.

Set2Meet seminar demo


Set2Meet is a set of pre-developed modules built to be highly customizable to support a wide range customer use cases. Set2Meet will be a perfect choice for the following:

  • On-line tutoring and coaching
  • Language practice and training
  • Real-time assessments
  • Small group collaboration
  • Peer presentation reviews
  • Business meetings and events
  • Conferences, webinars, broadcasts
  • Technical support
  • Telemedicine

Set2Meet Video


  • Tutoring and coaching (1-to-1)
  • Webinars (1-to-many)
  • Conference (many-to-many)
  • Mixed scenario (several contributors plus dozens of watchers)


WebRTC is in the heart of Set2Meet. Unlike conferencing products that rely on a user downloading a plugin or desktop application, WebRTC relies on the browser to connect with back-end servers or browsers of other users directly. The peer-to-peer scenario works great for up to four users. Using media servers allows scaling the number of peers and ensuring reliable connection.

Set2Meet Real-Time Communication platform

Competentum offers custom development of WebRTC-based platforms using Set2Meet pre-built modules. Please, contact us to request a demo: