Powerful Communication

The Virtual Meeting Room provides the following capabilities:

Many-to-many audio and video

Voice activity detection

Option to join the meeting with audio only

Built-in subtitles

Screen sharing

IM with image & file sharing

Effortless Pre Setup

No more precious time wasted on setting up the devices and trying to figure out what is the problem. The Virtual Room provides an interactive step-by-step guide that automatically detects all the possible issues and helps the users to make sure they are all set.


Meeting Flow Control

The Host has the full control over what is happening inside the Virtual Room, which includes the following capabilities:

  • Start and finish the meeting at any given moment
  • Set up the guest access
  • Mute another participant’s audio / video
  • Exclude the participant from the meeting
  • Manage the number of seats in each room
  • Set up default microphone and camera status for the new participants
  • Lock a meeting at any moment to prevent new participants from joining the meeting in order not to interrupt the discussion



Up to 20 simultaneous video streams

Up to 50 listen-only participants

Unlimited Broadcasting

Smart Scheduling

The flexible set of permissions allows supporting unique user roles for the most demanding organization. In addition, you can:

Set2Meet Scheduling

·    Set up your time zone & availability hours

·    Assign coaches and invite participants

·    Invite speakers from outside of the system

·    Automatically match the employees with coaches based on multiple criteria such as department, subject area, skills

·    Set up meeting synchronization into your Outlook 365 / Google Calendar / Apple Calendar

·    Categorize meetings & assign color codes

Set2Meet Scheduling

Tutoring Requests

With tutoring requests, your employees will have an opportunity to get right on the spot help from the tutors, as well as schedule a coaching session in advance.

·    Users set up their time zone & availability

·    Employees set up sphere of professional interests

·    The system will find just the right tutors for you based on multiple criteria

Reporting And Analytics

·    Track general user activity as well as the in-meeting activity in particular

·    Categorize meetings & assign color codes

·    Create the most engaging reports


First and foremost, our plug-in system allows you to pick any custom feature set that you need and not to pay extra for the functionality you never use. In addition to that, the following settings are available:

Custom URL
Custom domain terminology
Color schemes
Your own logo


Our implementation and DevOps professionals are highly experienced in WebRTC technology and ready to help you move your online communication to a new level.