Highly Interactive Communication

The Teacher is provided with various tools developed to make the educational process the most effective:

High quality audio and video

Powerful annotation tools

Collaboration tools such as Whiteboard and Notepad

Simultaneous video and screen sharing

Document sharing

Public and private chat

Quick Setup

No more precious time wasted on setting up the devices and trying to figure out what is the problem. The Virtual Room provides an interactive step-by-step guide that automatically detects all the possible issues and helps teachers and students to make sure they are all set.


Session Flow Control

The Teacher has the full control over what is happening inside the classroom. This includes the following capabilities:

  • Manage the number of seats in each Virtual Classroom
  • Lock the session (to minimize every possible distraction)
  • Mute / unmute other participants
  • Give the floor to another participant
  • Provide / restrict access to Whiteboard and Notepad
  • Use the breakout rooms to organize the work in groups (see below)


Breakout Rooms

The Teacher can easily split the students in multiple groups to talk or collaborate.

·    The groups can be organized automatically or manually

·    The Teacher can switch between the rooms helping out the students

·    Breakout room participants have full communication capabilities they have in the main meeting


Set2Meet Scheduling

Smart & Easy Scheduling

·    Both scheduled and on-demand sessions are available

·    Students and Teachers are matched based on multiple criteria, including their time zone, availability hours, subject area, professional interests, rating, etc.

·    Depending on the settings, scheduling can be done by Teachers and Students themselves or by the Parents and dedicated Managers

·    Teachers can be assigned to lessons or invited to teach one, in which case the system will ask for confirmation

·    It is possible for the users to integrate multiple roles and to act as students and teachers when required, so no more extra accounts for the single person


First and foremost, our plug-in system allows you to pick any custom feature set that you need and not to pay extra for the functionality you never use. In addition to that, the following settings are available:

Custom URL
Custom domain terminology
Color schemes
Your own logo


Our implementation and DevOps professionals are highly experienced in WebRTC technology and ready to help you move your online communication to a new level.